Again it must be said that Hillary isn’t really a threat to anyone except her husband

A couple of thoughts, 

I’m not a fan of Ben Carson, who has a history of thuggery.  People change over the years but basic tendencies & mindsets really don’t.

As a Conservative who really doesn’t subscribe to an irrational fear usually found in Establishment Republican noggins, that Hillary is a shoe in; I remember that she was dumped forthwith in ’08 for an amateur, has more baggage than Marie Antoinette, is elderly with suspected frail health, isn’t well-regarded by the population in general, has an ongoing FBI investigation over consequences of ineptitude (the emails) & really has the profile of the worst candidate of all time, bar none.

Perhaps the Establishment retains its hysterical fears, born in the 1990’s regarding Hillary & healthcare.  Perhaps they’re a sucker for anyone that seems to present a threat, whether its imaginary or not.  I prefer to live in reality.  Not that anyone should be under-estimated.  They shouldn’t.  But plain superstition, by worry warts just isn’t something that the calm should be infected by the weak.

Personally, I’ve been culling the herd of weaklings & fools around me lately.  It’s useless, being around or listening to timid people who go on & on about Hillary, just so someone can hold their hand & say, “It’ll be alright, Skippy.  Don’t you worry about a thing.”  Then, of course, the little annoying cycle is repeated over & over again.  It distracts, is offensive & the adage that the weak pull you down, is definitely a possibility.

Hillary is what she is.  Abrasive & vile.  A dinosaur that would be queen.  Those that quake in their shoes over her every move…  Aren’t worth a pinch of salt.

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