Easily forgotten, Russia continually provoking & violating national borders around the world

It’s hard for me to have sympathy for Russia, when they have repeatedly provoked the West by violating borders with their military aircraft for years now.  Not to mention their surrogates, downing a flight in Eastern Ukraine.  I’ve previously mentioned Russia’s (Putin’s) & its people’s hypocrisy over the downing of the flight in Eastern Ukraine.  But it seems that Russia really, really wants to whine about their actions.  Even though; they, themselves are to blame.  Inserting themselves into the Syrian conflict, in order to prop up the Assad regime & attempt to be relevant long after their Soviet “glory” has long faded.

Personally?  I’m not a fan of enemies of America, which Russia stubbornly remains.

I’m not a fan of Obama, but knucklehead conservatives, with a small C, seem to be using Putin as an example of leadership & strength.  A dictator by popular demand, admired by his people, desperate to bring Russia back to some level that would imply they’re important again.  A vain effort, destined to fail.

Of course, Syria is just a giant mess now.  With no American leadership to oppose the proliferation of thuggish militants & mini-armies of theocratic, fanatic Muslims.  Swirling around the Syrian Civil War & the vacuum of thought & power in Iraq.  In & of itself, the chaos is attracting every single corrupt badness & criminal endeavor.  While generating a rationale for every lowlife opportunist to find other digs, migrating to Europe & beyond.

I suppose, nations around the world do miss the opportunity to deploy their military might.  A valuable thing for any country to take advantage of, despite complaints to the contrary & buckets of crocodile tears.  The absence of any hegemony creating a play board of destruction with no discernible outcome possible.  Even by the best prophets of our day.

No sign that any of the Arab nations in the Middle East have decided to actually take charge of the situation, with alacrity & charisma.  No readiness to make a decision.  Only excuses for various pond scum to evacuate their Third World hellholes to better pastures.

I suppose my thoughts on the matter is a roundup.  But there’s really nothing to clearly see.

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