It’s been an eventful week but it’s over

It’s been an eventful week but it’s over & we can all get back to the business of Conservatives being Right & the Left not understanding what exactly has been dividing the country.  No, it hasn’t been Donald Trump.  He’s not a politician yet & his rhetoric has only been common sense ideas & pointing at the actual problems in America.  Yes, it has been Obama & the Democrat & their race cards & divisive legislation.  Fact.

I was reading a few tweets in response to an NYT tweet about “protesters keep coming” to Trump campaign stops & a couple of the tweets actually said that Trump has been dividing the country, even as he’s noted that it’s sad that the nation is so polarized.  The inability to understand & be aware of what’s happening in the country astounded me so much that I couldn’t even compose a little retort to the nonsense.  I know, right!  I was speechless.  But that’s the state of the Left now.  They won’t acknowledge, whether because of inability or just plain ignorance; that the country has been divided by the Left doing its thing.  Attempting to dictate what they think is a fairer state of affairs, stifling speech & pointing fingers at everyone that disagrees with them, calling them racists, bigots & homophobes.

But all this is standard for those that will to rule & impose their artifice over the natural rule of freedom, free market principles & individualism.  In the name of big government & individual dependence upon the state.

With the FBI finally deciding that the slaughter by Muslim Killers in San Bernardino is now to be viewed as terrorism & the Left deciding that its a good opportunity to attack Americans’ right to bear arms.  We’re back on track to expelling the Left once & for all, from government – & perhaps, detaining & reeducating them in an appropriate manner.

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