Trump miscalculates: Cruz is ascendant

I’ve sensed Cruz waiting in the wings, not trying to pick a fight with anyone, waiting for his chance & for the electorate to see him as the only rational soul to challenge Trump’s bombastic routine.  I’m seeing Trump as sort of Christie-like.  People were fascinated & supportive of Christie’s New Jersey tactlessness for quite a while, his willingness to be blunt & confront stupidity. That wore off after a bit, quicker than I thought it would collapse.  Then there was the Obama hug.  Last night I noticed that Trump is pro-Affirmative Action.  Which will be like a spear for his rivals to poke at his head.

I’ve heard him be calm, conversational & rational when he’s talking to reporters without being at the podium.  If he can’t figure things out, he’ll be out.  People are good at some things, bad at others; obviously.

Ted Cruz responds to Trump’s craziness with humor.

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