Establishment Republicans are giving Obama everything he wants, again

I don’t know why anyone’s surprised with Speaker Ryan’s actions in giving the F in the White House exactly what he wants, including cash for the climate hoax deal.  He is an Establishment Republican.  Meaning, no masculine genitalia.

It means that after so much work getting rid of John Boehner we have another vile Establishment Republican as Speaker, this one with even more energy to  effect cooperation with Obama.

It doesn’t matter what the (liberal) media says.  Their audience is exclusively on the Left.  They’re not the only game in town & it doesn’t matter who they blame; if the impossible were to happen that a Congress controlled by the Right vote & tender a budget without worrying what others think & who will sign.

Also, independent voters, as a whole are irrelevant. They vote usually Democrat, so any effort to sway them is a waste of time.  Any actions aimed at pandering to them is a waste of time.  It’s the conservative base, to the right of the center right, which is important.  A substantial number of them decided not to support Romney in ’12 because no one decided to actually be conservative in their campaign to get their votes.

We can count on Establishment Speaker Ryan not to be able to communicate to the nation or use the power that was given to Congress, by the Conservatives.  The real Conservatives who actually are tough, fiscal & willing to use power, unlike the center right which thinks its conservative, just because it’s on the right.

I always base my decisions & viewpoints from a factual perspective & it’s Congress that should decide budgets & monetary allocations.  Per the US Constitution.  The written & codified Constitution that is the framework for our country.  If we had a Speaker that could communicate that Congress is not responsible (any Congress with any majority) for shutting a government down, there wouldn’t be a problem of divisiveness & quibbling.  But no, we have an ignorant center right that is too afraid of using power.  The Democrats have no such hesitations.

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