Glenn Beck makes no secret of his loathing of Trump

Glenn Beck makes no secret of his loathing of Trump

I’m really not a big fan of Beck & only peripherally listen to his radio show.  But, it’s not hard to pick up that he’s on a crusade against Trump for good or bad.

It’s not a bad thing to do.  No one is beyond scrutiny & it’s important to doubt & ask questions especially in regards to someone who seems to be a walking time bomb & consistent loose cannon.  Who seems to garner blind support from people who believe his words because they align with their own ideology, without question.

People also gravitated to Obama, originally, for no apparent reason other than his blackness & flowery words of utopia.  So, I’m definitely leery of the same hero worship syndrome with Trump.  Obama was such a disaster for our country & the world that I don’t think anyone can afford another wrong choice.  Humans make mistakes but piling one on top of another has always, historically, been a recipe for complete & utter destruction – of something or the other.

As befitting a Western culture, we now leave our violent shifts of power to politics.  Instead of slaughtering thousands & enslaving the rest.  This US election year is no exception to that rule.  Already ruthless with many months to go.  Factions filled with fear that their wildest nightmare or best dream is happening in the here & now.

Beck usually fills me with boredom, at his over the top & amateurish notions & melodramas.  However; I am agreeing with his view of Trump.  Trump’s life history & conduct speaks loudly.  His disregard for women, tendency to verbally clobber anyone & anything he perceives disagrees with him or opposes him & his wishy washy knowledge of the ideology he is currently espousing are all alarm bells in my book.

Look at him closer, please.  He’s not representative of anything but his own greed & ambition.

I will support anyone designated as US Republican presidential nominee on the right, as another four years of Democrat occupation of the White House is inappropriate & unthinkable.  But, there are more options on the Right other than Trump.

Remember, at this point, the Republicans could field a dirt clod against Hillary or the ancient Socialist Sanders & it would win.  Let’s not stick a loser in the White House again.

No one is perfect.  Let’s remember that, right at the beginning.  But a rotten apple is what it is.  Listen to people.

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