Oh! I heard that Hillary Clinton had yet another coughing spell

Oh! I heard that Hillary Clinton had yet another coughing spell

I’m not connected to what’s going on in the Democrat universe, but I keep my ear to the ground.  Hillary has essentially been dumped like she was, by the Democrats, in 2008 – for a totalitarian-promoting Socialist as her close rival!  That’s got to hurt.

A lot of big names aren’t supporting her; Bill has lost his mojo & is basically an ongoing liability.  She’s had some serious secret medical conditions in the past few years, there’s a very real possibility that she’s indicted over the emails, a general was already punished for a similar crime & the Clinton name isn’t what it used to be.  The jackals are closing in & they’re all lesser beings than her own tawdry self.

I wouldn’t be surprised if her coughing fits are caused by a chemical side effect of some serious nerve pills.  Oh!  I forgot to mention that she didn’t accomplish anything substantial as Secretary of State.  Except the death of an ambassador, do to her hands off, ignorant of mozlom terrorists policy.

To those readers who don’t have a dog in the fight & who think I’m being unsympathetic to an old woman with a malady; you’re right.  I’m not sympathetic.  She could choke on her tongue & it would make me smile.  She’s not a good person.  Not by a long shot.

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