Senate Republicans really don’t have a choice but to oppose or not take up any Obama nomination

I wouldn’t worry about it too much.  The Senate GOP really doesn’t have a choice but to oppose or not take up any Obama nomination to SCOTUS.  While they, the Establishment Republicans, have a difficult time remembering how many bruisings they’ve suffered, they do each have enough wherewithal to remember petty details.  Lindsey seems to have taken personal offense at Reid’s past nuclear option & will oppose a nomination because of it, instead of the reality that the court would be tipped to the Democrat Party agenda for a very long time.

It was only inevitable that the esteemed, wobbly gentlemen would actually be forced to use the power they were given.  To collude with Democrats & Obama again would me possible civil unrest & revolution.  I’m sure they would still prefer to live quietly, happy to be Senators & plot their reelections & pork instead of using a rightful maneuver.

It doesn’t matter if there’s precedent to not confirm or take up a nomination by a president during an election year.  The US Senate confirms a nomination or even considers it, at its own pleasure.  It’s not up to the president.  The branches of government are co-equal, whether there’s a different perception or not & the power of the Senate does indeed become apparent when it chooses.  None of this is a Republican problem.  The Democrats are S out of luck in the matter.  The fact that the Democrats have not hesitated even once in their political maneuvers & the fact that Obamacare was shoved down the throats of half the country, along with Obama’s non-enforcement of our immigration laws cements the matter at hand.  The Establishment Republicans are what they are, but they won’t be colluding with Obama because it would mean their extinction.  Sorry, Libs!  It’s not going to happen, even were the Senate so inclined.  For the time being, the Democrat Party promotion of totalitarianism loses a battle.  Just a precursor to their factual extinction & rollback of their damage after the end of the year.  We know it, they know it.  Desperation has an unpleasant smell.

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