Updated: Getting on the Trump train

Updated: Getting on the Trump train
Updated 0857 MST 29FEB16

Pulling back to a neutral perspective, until & if Trump addresses the Klan issue.  Being; that he was asked about his father’s involvement & hasn’t yet clarified his stance on the matter.

I’m getting behind Trump because he’s the likely nominee.  I may not like Trump’s general character but I agree with his agenda, for the most part.  It serves no purpose attacking the acting nominee except to promote the Left.

Trump’s “university” is a bit of a con job but it’s just something he signed on to & should have either been more visible, hands on or disbanded it right away.  Other than that, Rubio has questionable finances & decisions & his immigration agenda doesn’t fit with the anger on the Right.  I wouldn’t trust that Cuban as far as I could throw him, which would depend on the day, his weight gain or loss & the size of his high heel shoes.  Not to mention whether the wind would catch in his freakishly gigantic Buddha ears.

We don’t need a robot.

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