Someone asked me how we got to the point that Hillary Clinton & Obama exist in American politics

Updated 15APR16 1710hrs UTC

It happened because of the weakness created in the country by the Bush Doctrine & the stupidity of trying to force principles of democracy down the throats of people in the Middle East who are incapable of understanding self-worth.

Horrible things have happened in US history, created by major miscalculations of our leaders.  The Neocons & their supporters shot their load, knew it was a misfire & didn’t double down or properly divert their power & influence to recouping losses & negating the ill effects of stupidity.

The idea of in & out of Iraq turned out to be just a fantasy.  It wasn’t a Grenada or Panama scenario, we didn’t seize assets in Iraq to pay for everything & it was a waste of time, lives & treasure.  A truth not meant by this author to be offensive to those that sacrificed their own lives & limbs.

The Democrats were complicit but not immediately identifiable with the decisions made.  This is why we have a Hillary, Harry Reid & the other vultures & why the current GOP Establishment has been feckless & weak.  The result; said Establishment’s power has largely been broken by the anger of the electorate in their enthusiastic support for non-Establishment Republican candidates.

Further, in clarification on this touchiest of subjects:

The only thing that was necessary was to punish Iraq.  We could have stopped after bombing them into oblivion.  All the positives that were achieved & which had to be maintained by military force, have long since gone away.  That’s a fact.  So, what was the point if everything that was achieved needed to be maintained by US power?

A lot of things that happen in the Muslim world are unacceptable & we have bombers for obvious reasons to project American Power.

I know many support the past reality of the Iraq War.  I get it.  But, in hindsight it’s a failure.  It’s not even an issue now.  My point, was that as a political result, we have despicable people like Obama & Hillary in our lives.  I don’t need to defend the elementary facts that I’ve mentioned, all seen in the early light of history’s judgment.

I’ve not mentioned that there was stability & a functioning Iraq by the end of the war, all of which Obama squandered by not insisting on a status of forces agreement. But, again; the stability was maintained by US power.  Not by Iraqis resolve. None of which was my point.  I was only dealing with one aspect of the war to describe what happened in our domestic politics, as a result, without even mentioning ISIS & further consequences caused by failures & mistakes on many sides.

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