Observation: Balance & Fulfillment With or Without Cost, the Heart’s Desire

Everyone has a different perspective on intimate relationships, from long-lasting partnerships to ships in the night.  Obviously & historically, there is no universally preferable status as our dealings on the matter depend on our wants, needs & circumstances.

For some people, love makes the world go around.  For others, there is a bit of confusion as to what that is, exactly; as they confuse it with our ever-present biological instincts & are as unable to figure that out as others are in their inability to understand pragmatism & practicality.  Sometimes, people live in a state of denial that they have any urges or longings for companionship at all.

We learn as we go, throughout our lives.  Even if, technically, we have read or been told about the particular details of this many-tiered topic.  It’s one thing to hear about it.  It’s another thing to see or experience it.  Whatever “it” is, at any given time.  Not everyone experiences everything, hears everything or observes everything.  Unless it the one-off madam of a bordello; but they don’t count.  Because they’re selling a product & it’s not personal or intimate.

My experience is a mixed bag & though it’s really nobody’s business but mine.  I will say, though; that I’ve achieved a balance & left myself open to any options that may present themselves in the future.  Suffice it to say, discretion is always key.  Loose lips sink ships & all that.  I wouldn’t say that intolerance of stupidity is my gig, but that an inability to handle any permanent intolerable situation is the best way – for me.

That’s my two cents on the matter.  I figured that any philosopher king must eventually touch on this touchiest of subjects.  If I had any actual sage advice instead of observation, I wouldn’t give it because the normal, first rule is never to meddle in people’s love lives.  But, I’d say; if you don’t have anyone or anything in particular – use your brain & have an imaginary partnership, adventure or whatever to match whatever wants & needs you may require.  Depending on the scope of your ability to fabricate, you can have a fine old time.

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