Hillary Clinton Wants You to Vote For Her Because She’s a Woman

hillary_crying_marcwinger-com_0119161747The word change rolls off a Liberal’s lips so easily.  As if “change” is always a good thing.

Of course, anyone & everyone knows & understands the old cliché; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  A Leftist, Democrat, Progressive (Communist) & Socialist do comprehend this simple concept.  Yet they’re willing to ruin the country by breaking the US Constitution in to pieces, disregarding the rule of law by allowing false narratives that promote special treatment for blacks who mistakenly think nothing has changed since the 60’s – & more.

I was listening to former liar-in-chief Bill Clinton yammer on & on about Hillary, who’s now the nominee & obviously hoping that people will vote for her because she’s a woman.  He was touting that’s she’s some sort of wonderful agent of change.  So; I gather, they’re going to focus on convincing people that something needs to be changed.  As if the Democrats, under Obama, haven’t already altered the country needlessly & harmfully.

It might be repetitive to note, that both Clintons have lied to the nation.  Bill; when he told everyone that he didn’t have a perverted affair with an intern in the White House – & Hillary, who told everyone that the attack in Benghazi, that killed an American Ambassador, was caused by a ridiculous video.

How can anyone, whether they’re Liberal or not, support & plan to vote for these people?  They’re awful!  Hillary takes cash from Arab regimes that persecute & execute gays for being gay.  Shame on you, Liberals.  Shame on you all for your lack of commonsense & honor.

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