Meanwhile Hillary is Literally Barricaded in Her New York Home

It’s well known that the Clintons despise Obama.  So, Hillary has something to fret & think about while she’s hiding from the world.

Hillary & Bill have always had a full kit of targets & grievances.  After all, it’s all about Liberals & their Grievance Industry, complaints about “injustice”, worldwide.  Of course, it all serves a purpose of bolstering Globalism.  You know, the ripping apart of national identities, population replacement & socialism to achieve a one world government, which the idiots think is best for humanity.

The really, funny thing about the sophisticated anti-Americans in other countries, that laugh at Donald Trump, for their own small & petty reasons is; that Americans all laugh at all the European leaders & their bleeding heart follies.  Except for the female English PM.  Who is too boring for words.

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