Trivial: Small Fringe on the Far Right Holds No Validity in Their Opinions of the Shameful Anti-American NFL Crybabies Disrespect of the US

1123141913mw_cSo many false narratives are flying around that even the subtle ones need to be called out.  There are those that point out that US racists, prone to flying idiotic Confederate flags are hypocrites in their views of a certain NFL player who refuses to stand for the US national anthem at football games.

This extreme fringe on the Right is so small as to be totally insignificant.  They’re confined to the US  South in their minority & their numbers don’t even equate to the Anarchists on the extreme Left.  They don’t even qualify as conservative, social conservatives, Republicans or admirers/followers of the US Constitution.  They only, ofttimes, vote for the US Republicans because there’s no where else for them to go.  There are even elements of socialism in their mindset & frankly, they’re swiftly becoming extinct.  They’re not even similar to ignoramuses just to their left & they can hardly even be seen as being custodians of a long gone Southern Legacy.  They despise the history of the US, the reality of water under the bridge Civil War defeat & are unable to recount any facts on any matter, whatsoever.

This is as much of a false narrative as the blacklivesmatter thing.  Based on nothing; literally

Legacy racism, automatic &/or purposeful can’t be expressed accurately by pointing out one-off incidents.  It’s too complex, at once being trivial as it is intrusive, periodically.  Racism is defined as considering other races as being inferior & treating other races, accordingly, in a demeaning manner to one degree or another.  All people, including ethnic minorities, use racism instinctively as part of the human condition & for purposes of survival.

By the way; having disdain for a mindset common to a Black victim-mentality, is not racism.  For those of you who are quick to throw out those race cards.

Using this kind of a distraction, to focus attention on crackpots, is a lame strategy for Democrats & their affiliates on the Left.  Which includes Socialists & Communists.

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