Hillary Clinton the Absolute Bore

hillary_marcwinger-com_0117161041Why Hillary’s backers & donors thought she couldn’t lose is beyond me.  Do they even live in our same reality?  For chrissakes, they all dumped her in 2008 for a black man with few credentials except that he was an okay speaker!

Everyone has always known about Hillary’s foibles!  She’s been a harpy for how many years?  Decades.  Right from the beginning of her campaign,  she was scoping out fast food & taking it easy instead of – actually campaigning.  Everyone knows that you can’t put her in front of a big audience without something happening that’s bad or that a majority of people actually find out that she’s a total bore.  Harpy?  Harridan?  Maybe not so bad because there’s a bit of strength involved in being a bitch; but when push comes to shove, when she’s debating or answering questions, she turns into a total, grasping bore.

She tries to spin that she’s just being serious about serious matters?   Oh, please. You can see the amateur cogs & gears twitching in her face when it comes time for her to access the info that someone’s drilled into her head.  It’s like she has no real opinion on anything!  Just a desire for power.

People thought Romney was robotic. Hillary is an old retro-model, pot metal bot.

Liberals & Hillary’s backers on the Left, are apparently being overwhelmed with fear.  Idiots.  She’s not as smart as you think.

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