There Needs to be a Rise in Anti-Muslim/Anti-refugee Rhetoric

marcwinger-com_0919161021It’s difficult for so many people to understand that bringing in thousands of people, whether women, children & the elderly as well as a preponderance of adult men – from Muslim cultures that are about two notches above the Medieval; isn’t a good idea.  Different peoples clash in proximity.  It’s why humans prefer to keep to their own, in order to maintain order & stability.  In order to thrive & achieve prosperity within their own mindset & their own ideas of what is safe & familiar.

However; in our modern world, where we have minorities of people that believe we have evolved to such a degree that these basics are irrelevant there is a mistaken conclusion that we can successfully be charitable to such a degree that our hospitality can be unlimited.  Without consequence.  Liberal-minded & tolerant minorities who lead normal Liberals, who happen to be in charge of the country for the time being.

We are all human & humans disagree, make mistakes & come from different cultures with different values & history

The overwhelming rhetoric, since the Attacks on 9/11, has been to be patient & tolerant of Muslims living within the population of America.  To the point where we have minarets rising with loud speakers blaring unacceptable caterwaul & females draped in head to toe vacuum bags wandering around, doing who knows what.  We also have increasing domestic attacks from this corner of primitive folk, on the main population of the country.  So, I say; to counter the rhetoric on the Left, supported by the Establishment Republicans on the Right – that we need actual voices of reason to point these basic, commonsense concepts out to the population as a whole.

We need our American traditions to communicate what we actually need to be safe, among ourselves.  We need to stop the Leftists from their attempts to supplant the majority, by replacing our majority ethnic groups with foreigners.

We need a halt of all immigration into our country until such time as the current crop of immigrants is integrated into our mainstream & if the basic concepts of integration had been part of our Leftist president Obama’s immigration agenda in the first place – we would not be suffering from domestic attacks by those who cling to other, foreign & primitive cultures.

We need a rise in rhetoric to counter the agenda of those that wish to replace our mainstream population with foreigners.  Yeah, it’s happening, whether anyone wants to admit it or not.  Fact.

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