Bush Senior rumored to be planning his vote for Feeble Hillary

Apparently; former Republican president George H.W. Bush is going to be voting for his fellow Establishment friend, the Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, wife of the sexual pervert philanderer former Democrat president Bill Clinton.  It’s not enough that George H.W. didn’t finish the first Iraq War & whose son George W. Bush botched the second Iraq War; he’s decided to throw in with those that want to support the Liberals (Democrats) who wish to finish Obama’s alterations & reduction of power in the US.  I would imagine George Senior is upset at son Jeb’s dramatic loss as a failed GOP candidate to Donald Trump.  I guess it’s okay to vote for someone that’s already lied to the country, over & over again, whose record as Secretary of State is factually inept.  George likes the bag with baggage.

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