I’ve been catching glimpses of many of the Trump rallies

trump_marcwinger-com_0120162045I’ve been catching glimpses of most of the Trump rallies.  Huge crowds in the huge venues.  Especially Friday evening in Roanoke, Virginia.  Big movement. I’m thinking landslide…  But I don’t want to jinx it.  Polls really do mean nothing except as trends, up or down.  Exit polls mean something; but I’ve said that before.

Whether the Left’s Liberal-Biased Mainstream Media reports it or not; Trump’s rallies are big.  Hillary’s are small & scant.  There is no enthusiasm for her.  Leftists know this.  They can make fun of Trump as much as they please.  They’re going down.  We will have the last laugh.  There will be no repeat of Romney’s debacle.  We’ve learned well the consequences of taking things for granted.

Also, I read on Thursday in an UK publication that most Europeans are secretly hoping for a Trump win, despite verbal support for Sick Hillary.

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