Trump Did Himself No Harm

marcwinger.com_0920131334During Monday evening’s US presidential “debate”, Trump did himself no harm.  Nor did he take advantage of several in’s to attack Sick Hillary.  Both candidates got in their respective talking points & stated agendas, though Hillary was basically on automatic, vomiting out the standard Democrat Party complaints about trickle-down-economics & the Democrat dogma that the “rich don’t pay their fair share” (though they contribute the most tax revenue in the United States).

Trump is Trump & polls now show he’s inching past Hillary in the Electoral College.  I like him.  He’s a character & his agenda is pro-America, which is what we need right now.  Instead of an apologist in the White House & Leftist functionaries whose agenda is to reduce the power & influence of the sole remaining superpower on the planet.

It wasn’t a traditional debate with everyone following the rules.  Trump blew that up from the get go.  It as a showcase & a venue for disagreement.  Hillary had a difficult time focusing on the camera.  Seemingly, to be worried that her left eye was going to start swiveling on its own again, knowing that it’s been one of her several health issues.

Trump missed several opportunities to itemize & delineate Hillary’s failings.

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