Hungary Puts Its Foot Down Rejecting Refugee Resettlement

angry_arab_marcwinger-com_0928160239Liberals in Europe & the Commonwealth will sneer & say that Hungary is showing its true colors.  But they’re forgetting that these peoples were at the forefront in protecting Europe from Muslim invasions for centuries.  Now the EU wants to continue to allow the foreign hoards in because of war within their own Middle Eastern societies.  They say that Hungary’s rhetoric is harsh but candidness is a counterpoint to the absolute free-for-all that the EU globalist wish to impose for their own agenda.  Sovereignty is at stake as the EU stands at the brink of disintegration.

The globalists of the EU are blind & they are evil.  They are also confused as to why people want to rule their own countries.  The European Union was a bad idea.  It was just an excuse for some to implement a domination of all the countries, which they couldn’t achieve historically.

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