Weakling: Speaker Paul Ryan is Tired of Divided Government

speakerryan_marcwinger-com_1217151001Establishment Republican Speaker Paul Ryan is “tired of a divided government”, as if disagreement between people is a bad thing & as if disagreement did not originally allow him to ascend to power.  Though a champion of forces against the unconstitutional Obamacare healthcare debacle, the man is indeed a champion of the status quo.

The condescension he expresses for the GOP presidential nominee isn’t admirable & the typical lawmaker whine that it’s a bad thing if people can’t pass thousands more laws & regulations every year; also, isn’t admirable.  Like his predecessor, he’s been unable to play hardball & corral the Republican majority into dictating to the congressional minority & to the president.  After all, how difficult is it to say, this bill is what we’re offering.  Approve it, because you’re not getting anything further?

People that are unable to use the power they’re given, even if they’ve got a lot on their plates, are weak in my book.  He can’t see for the forest for the trees.

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