Texas Judge Appointed by Obama Clears the Internet Giveaway

internet_giveaway_george_c_hanks_jr_marcwinger-com_1001160125Bad news, folks.  Judge George C. Hanks Jr. has cleared plans for the Internet stewardship to be given away.  Our guarantees of a free & vital internet are now over.  From the article.

A federal court on Friday declined to issue an injunction to prevent the Obama administration’s proposed transfer of a core component of the Internet, removing the last roadblock to a transition scheduled to take place at the end of the day.

Approval for the plan was effectively granted by Southern District of Texas Judge George C. Hanks, Jr., who denied the request for an injunction filed by Republican attorneys general in Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Officials filed suit on Wednesday as part of a last-ditch effort to prevent the transfer from proceeding.

This is Obama bashing the United States’ oversight of the Internet, instead of being a champion for the country of which is is president.  Hard to say when we’ll feel the consequences of this stupidity.  Now a host of enemies of freedom & promoters of censorship are going to have field day.

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