Dud: Wikileaks revelation about Hillary…

[Julian Assange had indicated that he was to do a big reveal about Hillary Clinton.  The anniversary of Wikileaks was to be the background of an event framed by previous revelations of emails of the US Democrat Party.  By inference or otherwise, media organizations & individuals had anticipated what he had to say & Assange did nothing to either inform everyone that he had nothing or to update them that he had changed his mind.  I would hazard to guess that there are more than a few people in the US annoyed at staying awake in the wee hours of the morning to find out Assange had nothing to say.

Perhaps Assange should stay a few years more, encased in his paranoia at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.]

So, for whatever reason, probably that Assange figured out he really didn’t have anything on Hillary after all;  he decided to use the event to hype Wikileaks after the introduction previously asked for donations via a hyperlink.  A reporter had asked him about the expectation about revelations about Hillary & he said he’d been misquoted, even though he has not been misquoted.  He basically trolled everyone that stayed up late in the US, the souls on Twitter & those in Europe who were interested enough to pay attention.

He will never be taken seriously again.  Julian Assange is now officially  – an idiot.  He said that it wasn’t a good idea to release anything important at Three O’clock in the morning & that eventually something will be published.  That’s it.

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