Why Hillary Won’t Win

marcwinger-com_0310151916I have a mixed bag of friends on the Right side of the political spectrum in the US.  Conservatives, real ones.  Center right Republicans & left of center souls who veer towards Libertarian.  Some of my friends & associates are feeling a bit nervous of late, as it gets close to the US Presidential Election.  Some are confident.  Others are fatalistic & resigned.

Hillary doesn’t have it in the bag & a fatalistic attitude accomplishes nothing except helping the Democrats, their subset Socialists, Progressives (Communists renamed) & their agenda.  Have faith.  Hillary speaks to “crowds” of a hundred people or less in small rooms & Trump’s rallies are attended by tens of thousands.  Polls?  Pollsters contact people who are politically minded & connected.  That leaves the bulk of the population, their vote & the electoral college in play.  Besides, most of the polls show a dead heat & since they’re partially rigged, to some degree; that’s not good for Hillary.  Not even slightly.

No one cares about Trump’s flaws.  If people on the US Right wanted a nearly flawless candidate, who is a conservative champion (though born in Canada), they’d have rallied around Ted Cruz.

Remember that the Democrats dumped Hillary for Obama in 2008.  Remember that she carries around massive baggage.  Remember that a great portion of the female population don’t like her in the first place.  Remember that most White men detest her even on the Left.  Remember that everyone has known exactly what she’s all about, since the mid-90’s.  Shrill, unethical & risky.

What did Obama have going for him in 08?  He was Black. He spoke well enough & he didn’t have her baggage.  The Democrats dumped Hillary for, basically, a statement of equality.  Little good that poor decision making process in voting did the US as the Democrats, led by Obama, have continuously maintained that Blacks have not achieved equity.  Which is a lie, meant to keep the grievance industry afloat & healthy.

After all Hillary’s drama’s of Benghazi, her health & the email scandal; does anyone really think no one will take her baggage into account?  Not to mention her physical presence.  Let’s face it, some people don’t come across well, male or female.  She is seen as a shrieking harpy.  Literally.  Trump doesn’t do that much better with his presence, but his presence doesn’t define him in the same way.  All Hillary has, is herself as her record consists of zilch to recommend her.  Again, literally.

Even foreign, European liberals detest Hillary.  Though they hate Donald Trump more, even if they can’t explain exactly why, in a rational manner.  But, they no longer have any influence on US presidential elections.  Not after the disaster known as Obama.

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