What Russians don’t understand is that America is so much more than its weak president

b2_stealth_bomber_marcwinger-com_1007160243The Russians have warned that they may attempt to shoot down American war planes over Syria.  Unfortunately, for Russia, America isn’t quite so simple as Russia.  Where the elected authoritarian despot Putin pulls all the strings & is the sole decision maker.  It would be a terrible mistake, for Russia, to attempt an attack on US aircraft over Syria.  From the article.

A Russia Defense Ministry spokesman suggested that Russian antiaircraft systems may shoot down U.S. or U.S.-led coalition aircraft if they attack Syrian forces.

The warning by Major General Igor Konashenkov was the harshest and bluntest remark to date by a Russian official about the ongoing air campaigns in Syria.

It comes as bilateral ties between Washington and Moscow continue to spiral downwards. The United States earlier this week announced it was suspending talks with Russia about cooperation on Syria that were aimed at reestablishing a cease-fire that broke down on September 19.

Since then, Syrian and Russia warplanes have conducted a campaign of air strikes on rebel-held neighborhoods of Aleppo, killing hundreds of civilians.

Since the weekend, Russia has deployed S-300 antiaircraft missile systems in Syria, and has sent three warships to the eastern Mediterranean. Several longer range S-400 antiaircraft systems are also in Syria and mounted on Russian warships off Syria’s coast.

The Washington Post reported on October 4 that the Pentagon this week presented U.S. administration officials with several options for possible air strikes against Syrian government forces in response to the offensive on Aleppo.

Russia has chosen to take a path away from legitimate representative government, the population preferring to admire, elect & support a strongman.  They are the weaker for this decision.  They don’t have the infrastructure or the resources to pretend to be a superpower.  Their Soviet empire is long gone & their options are limited.  They will never understand.  At least, not in my lifetime.

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