Cheap Theater: Vultures Encircle Trump but he’s Not Going Away

trump_marcwinger-com_0307161055This is a wonderful opportunity for all the self-righteous phonies who weren’t going to support Trump anyway, to circle & let it be known that they’re so much better than the Nominee. Did they don their Hillary campaign pins yet? It doesn’t matter which politicians in the GOP support Trump or not. Their vote & faux support doesn’t actually count. I think we all know what “alpha males” sound like, what they do & why. It’s not a mystery & putting a hand up to their mouths in mock surprise & disgust is cheap theater. The only thing they’re doing is giving the Lib voters on the Left something with which to titter about as they tweet their “oh snaps” (at Trump’s wife being offended) forgetting that there was a Wikileaks dump of excerpts today.

Hillary’s says quite a bit that the Libs won’t be liking, when they finally get around to reading the juicy exposition. Bernie’s commie minions will really, really not like the revelations.

Of course, Liberal women & dry church ladies are going to be offended.  If there’s anything that involves testicles & men having a guffaw or two, women are going to be appalled.  Liberal women do love their men – ball-less.

The only person I feel (sort of) sorry for is Billy Bush. I sort of like the goober, even though he’s related to the Bush presidentials.

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