Weakness by Obama & his Agencies is the Cause of these Out of Control Situations

obama_crying_marcwinger-com_01191611745Yesterday I was reading reports that Russia is telling & preparing its Moscow population (along with St. Petersburg) for nuclear war, in order to pressure the US to not intervene in their bombing & other operations of Aleppo Syria or implement any airstrikes against Assad.  Then, today I’m reading reports that Defcon has been raised a couple of notches & that the US is publicly warning that it plans a cyber strike, by the CIA, against Russia in retaliation for alleged incursions against the Democrats & the election system.

When you have a weak foreign policy & never push back against the Russians, all these situations evolve on their own.  It’s the absolute definition of seismic shift, where pressure is never taken off situations or extant situations of abuse (Russia) & a shift in the fault lines is dramatic.

He’s leaving terrible & dangerous situations, all of which are literally out of control.  From the South China Sea, with China thinking it can do whatever it pleases, to Russia doing test bomber runs against Europe, Scandinavia & the UK.  Our enemies, & that’s exactly what they are whether we trade with them or not, put the entire West in danger.  Actually, the whole world order is on the edge.  Russia & China, each would love to implement their idea of a world order.  That’s exactly what they’re doing.

Obama is the cause of all this.  A weak president is a danger to us all.

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