Doing Your Bit to Thwart the US Leftists is Important

assange_marcwinger-com_1017161724I’ve been doing my bit to counter the Left’s bias in the media.  It’s difficult to filter through so much garbage every day.  Literally, thousands of headlines & summaries to see what’s going on, to pick & choose what to highlight what’s going on, while others take up the flag at the same time.  I won’t say that it’s overwhelming, because I know what I’m doing & am not subject to shock over it all.

We’ve all heard today that the Ecuadorans, who initially supported Assange, have cut his internet off.  Whether Assange has another connection is another matter.  I will admit to not liking Assange initially.  That’s changed.  He’s proven his worth & I can imagine how he views the US Democrats now.  Liberals, in general.  He definitely needs the Democrats to lose here.  Now.  That means Trump must win, despite being attacked by the Establishment & the stompy feet NeverTrumps on the Right in America.  Come on, Trump isn’t so bad.  He’s just eccentric.  His agenda is good.

I’ve read confusion, by the non-political among us who don’t understand why Ecuador would do this to Assange.  I’ve been snappy about it on social media but here I’ll just say; they’re an Hispanic nation.  Who do you think they actually support in the US?  Hillary, of course.  But they too have swallowed her lies.  Adding to the list of dupes of the Democrats.  Gullible.

Incidentally, Assange’s internet was cut off last Saturday after the release of Hillary’s Goldman Sachs speeches.

I’m doing my bit.  Will you do yours?  I’m also pointing at you tech people in the middle who usually swallow the Democrat propaganda; hook, ball & sinker.  Are you learning yet, who the enemy is?  Have you seen the warnings of free speech online being cut off.  Of US stewardship of the internet being given away by Obama?  For once, just think.

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