Video: Trey Gowdy Is Not Standing Down & Leaving the Americans that Died In Benghazi Without Justice

Gowdy is the master prosecutor.  The Ambassador & the other valiant men – died for nothing.  They were left blowing in the wind.  This is what happens to any supporter of the Democrats.  They ultimately will be left behind to die, starve or rot.  Yet none of them does the math.  The simple analyses of where does the money come from to pay for free things, why isn’t there a rational foreign policy, why does protecting the flawed Libyan legacy matter more than safety, why don’t borders matter?

I just got back from walking my dog Max & I actually saw Hillary campaign signage,  on the inside of someone’s front window up the street.  I just stood there & looked at it for a moment.  A lot of things went through my mind about what kind of selfish, stupid pond scum they must be.  Dupes.  Parasites.  Also, I thought, since the Democrats have set the stage for violence – I need to get a bazooka.  Had to shake that primitive thought away where it belongs.  With the animals known as Democrats.

There is no such thing as a rational defense for modern liberalism & good luck in trying to make sense of the Democrat Party Platform if you’re looking for inspiration.  So, if Hillary is elected there will literally be chaos worldwide, because that is their working plan & Hillary’s documented record.  Don’t make the mistake of voting to keep these people in power.  Make your vote count!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Trump.  He’s a man, he’s not perfect but his agenda is pro-American.  That’s what we always need, but especially now.

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