Analysis: Trump Did Well Wednesday Evening in Las Vegas

marcwinger-com_1020160116I’m happy with Trump’s performance & I agree with his stance regarding acceptance of the election results.  If he were to lose, I hope he doesn’t accept it, what with all the documented voter fraud, suspected voter fraud, liberal-biased media attacks & NeverTrump Stompy Foot Sore Losers.  No way, would I want to live in a country ruled by that Bitch creature.  In effect, it wouldn’t be the same America were she to win & that is a fact.  You know it, I know it.  A Socialist country?  Why would I want to live in a place where no one is allowed to do better than anyone else.  I would support revolt & I would support destruction of the Liberals; by hook, not crook.

As for his refusal to answer the insulting question as to whether he would accept the outcome of the election; it was a stroke of cleverness to answer the it the way he did.  Though I suspect it wasn’t planned.  But, the question has been swirling around because Liberals love to insult those they oppose, in formal situations.  He did very, very well.  Hillary’s retort, that his response was dangerous?  Lame & weak.  A response which was negated by reality.

Personally, I will not stand for Hillary as president & yes I would be pointing fingers of blame at guilty parties, were that time to come.

Republican Establishment former President Bush provided the nails, Obama hammered the nails into the coffin & Hillary would stick the coffin, with America in it, in the ground.

During the debate he hit her hard defending his company, that was good enough for me.  I don’t think the time allotment would have allowed him to go into detail about how a company is run, why it exists.  Things of which she has absolutely no clue.  Hillary was obviously starting to get tired.  You can tell when she gets nervous, her head goes back, eyes glaze when she’s looking at Trump, stressing out while he was speaking.  No stamina, at all.

When she was countering & complaining about Trickle Down Economics, which has been proven to work but which the Democrats despise under its real moniker as Reaganomics; Trump countered but didn’t fully rip her apart.  He wasn’t prepared to defend Reaganomics, which is fine.  That would have gotten them all into the weeds.

Though I don’t see a real winner of the debate.  Trump solidified & consummated his supporters’ wishes, showed strength & resolution.  Winning pragmatically.

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