Idiots: Technological Ignoramuses Advising Trump Need to put a Lid On It

I guess, if you’re too dim to understand that if something is freely available out on the internet, then its origin doesn’t matter.  There are so many examples of this & Representative McCaul should know better.  He should also know better than to insist that something is from somewhere, when it cannot be ascertained from where it came.  These guys seldom even have a smart phone, let alone the wherewithal to vomit out proclamations about something which is completely over their heads, even if they’ve been briefed by experts.

… A top Republican on national security said he advised Donald Trump that Russia was using hacked information to influence the election process, but the GOP presidential nominee didn’t appear to believe him.

“I think he has in his mind that there’s not the proof,” House Homeland Security Chairman Mike McCaul said Tuesday during a Texas Tribune event in Austin. “Now he hasn’t had the briefing I had, but I made it clear that in my judgment it was a nation-state.”

McCaul, a Trump supporter, told Tribune CEO Evan Smith that he was brought in to brief Trump on national security after the first presidential debate — a topic the Texas Republican conceded is “not [Trump’s] strength.” …

It’s well known; that so-called experts, of any kind, are more than willing to tell their audience what it wants or needs to hear.

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