How can anyone vote for Hillary

marcwinger-com_1026161036It just amazes me that anyone, with any sense at all, could vote for the worst candidate that any US political party has ever deployed in a general election.  The US Democrats dumped her for Obama in 2008!  Apparently, it was more important to vote for a Black because he was Black & could speak coherently in public, than it was to vote for a woman because she was a woman.  Never mind any values one assigns to merit-based decisions.  Hillary being a former senator with no accomplishments in 2008, even as Obama was a former senator with no accomplishments in his own corrupt Chicago senatorial seat.

Flash forward to today & we have Hillary Clinton, with all over her un-indicted felonious baggage, including health issues, who expects people to support her.  Vote for her, ignoring her lies & secrecy.  Vote for her, ignoring her failure to secure state secrets.  Vote for her because it doesn’t matter if anyone lies.  Obama took care of that, making it acceptable to lie through his teeth, setting an example of non-integrity.  The liar who’s enabled another liar.  He made it possible for her to run for president, despite her multiple issues with honesty.

Why vote for Hillary, who is a prolific liar.

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