End Game is Coming & an Establishment Journal on the Right Can’t Keep their Yaps Shut

trump_marcwinger-com_0307161055The latest?  The Wall Street Journal reports that conservative, Christian women are turning away from Trump.  Instead of just making an editorial decision to not report something that cannot possibly be ascertained, as their audience on the Right really doesn’t want to be demoralized, as they don’t want Hillary Clinton to harpy step into the White House.  Victoriously.

Personally, I wouldn’t trust the WSJ to report on anything beyond Establishment politics & neutral topics.  They’ve got some fine writers but their total context isn’t necessarily truthful regarding populism of any sort or Conservatism in general.  There’s too much of the Chamber of Commerce about them & I disagree with at least one in four pieces that come across my screen. That said, Trump’s campaign isn’t unraveling but the Left is screaming so loud about it, it’s hard for anyone to ignore their drivel & see it for what it is.  Propaganda.

Though Trump has called a halt to fundraising events, a fact that the Left has spun into their false narratives of decline, he’s like the energizer bunny so much that the Left tries to talk up how Hillary has agreed to do more events.  Just to make it look like she’s got it in the bag but maybe needs the appearance of effort.

That said, Kaine has cancelled an upcoming scheduled rally in Florida, most likely for public non-interest.  In contrast, VP pick Pence pulls in hundreds to tens of thousands.  Everywhere.

Conservative talk show leaders Hannity, Levin & others give an objective look at what it will take for Trump to win the Electoral College.  It’s doable.  We’re now at a point where no one knows what the hell is going on & at a point where opinion polls are notoriously, even more inaccurate that they usually are.  Opinion polls being low level indicators of reality.

I would say to people, sit up, do your bit, troll & abuse vapid Hillary supporters for recreation.  That’s what I do.  We’re at the mystery event horizon coming into the gravity well.  I’m still deciding whether to go dark on election night & watch my movies or TV shows; or freak out for hours like I did with Romney’s sad debacle/reality evening.

I’m leaning towards doing the insider thing (though I’m not an insider) or star chamber thing (am I part of one of those?) & just relaxing in front of a fire with a snifter of something potent & a set of earphones, being amused by my select entertainments & the suffering of others.

One more thing.  Early voters aren’t representative of anything in particular.  Exit polling targeting them is just as inaccurate.

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