What’s going on [30OCT16]

UPDATED 31oct16 1110HRS MST:  The FBI now has a warrant, as of Sunday Morning.  It’ll be weeks, months before anyone knows or hears anything in this investigation.

marcwinger-com_0406150015I’ve read that FBI’s Comey’s haven’t explored the new emails found on Weiner’s laptop yet because the DOJ hasn’t given them a warrant as yet.  So, when you hear Hillary screeching that everyone needs to know what the FBI is seeing, it’s all just saving face since she would know, as an insider, the status of the investigation.  She’s panicking because Comey’s statement last Friday qualifies as a possible deal-buster for her campaign.  Everyone understands that the FBI wouldn’t be re-opening the issue & making such a proclamation on their action unless there was something substantial that they suspect to be important.

I wouldn’t go so far to says, that they’ve hit an iceberg & the clock is ticking on a sinking ship.  But, the winds of change are in charge of filling or emptying the sails on their boat now.  I’m not holding my breath that the egotistical psychopath is doomed.  That would be a mistake.

To say the run up to the election is getting heated, is definitely an understatement.  It’s a battle royale.

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