Hillary knows that the half the country despises her, right?

While the Clinton’s pay-to-play scandal escalates in the news, though I notice it’s ignored by the mainstream media, Hillary continues to have a really bad week of revelations.

You know what?  I delight in her pain.  I hope she’s worried, but Grifters are usually dead inside & challenges are just another hurdle for them to get over.  The Clinton Crime Family, indeed!

I’m quite sure that Hillary understands half the US hates her guts.  But, she might be aware of it all.; as she recently attacked as being violent & awful, anyone that supports Donald Trump.  So, yeah.  She knows.  Does it phase her at all?  I doubt it.  Some people are comfortable being hated, as long as there are others to dupe into believing ongoing lies & false narratives.  What kind of a person would vote for Hillary?  I wouldn’t even want to be around them.

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