The choice is clear on the eve of the US Presidential Election

What a year we’ve had in America!  Seeing the rise & fall of so many good men & women on the Right.  Compared to the few anointed & tainted on the Left.  The clash of ideologies; between the Left’s Big Government Nanny-State circus & the Right’s rugged individualism & the promotion of security in a world of chaos.

usflag_0203130101mwWe’re down to the wire in the US Presidential Election.  America has the choice of rule of law & preeminence in the world as embodied by Donald Trump; or the election of an un-indicted felon who supports one world government, socialism & the whole rotten gambit that is the platform of the US Democrat Party.  In other words; a traditional, strong America as opposed to a free-for-all.

When you hear a Leftist in the United States using the phrase, proud to be an American; they’re lying.  One does not possess pride of country if one is intent on altering & changing the fundamentals of a society.  Experimentation is what it’s all about with Socialists & those that support an overwhelmingly large government; one entitlement on top of another.  That said, the Left’s champion is a whole new ball of wax.  A blatant criminal, who has a record of unethical behavior throughout her life.  Hillary Clinton.

I understand the perspective of those who cling to the Left.  The Left as it is defined today.  Not the Left of the 60’s & 70’s where The Man was abhorrent.  Peace & love were the mantras back in the day.  Living off the land & that the Earth would provide anything one might need, especially when one was high as a kite with unicorns & rainbows vying with psychedelic chemicals.  I understand the position of fear, that one can’t make it without help & who better to help!  The Federal Government, of course.  Because The Man is now worshiped at the expense of personal integrity & responsibility.  A remarkable difference in the Left’s ever-changing carnival of social formulas, then & now.  Clowns deciding upon which car to get in.

But who ends up paying for the Left’s shiny dreams of a permanent free-for-all?  Those that are demeaned & accused of racism & bigotry?  The guy with the tomato cart at the nearest urban farmers’ market who dreams of bigger things?  Yet, if one espouses an ideology where no one is allowed to do better than anyone else; there will be no one to pay.  Take a close look at Greece or Venezuela.  Cuba or North Korea.  Each sharing the same core values.  Values meant to enslave a society for a different set of political elitists.  Who’ve earned their stripes by the measure of their fanaticism to various degrees of Socialism & Marxism.

Clinton, in her best moment, represents the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Globalism, non-individualism & the nanny-state.  She doesn’t even make a good Secretary of State as her record shows.  Death & destruction were left in her wake.

Don’t make the mistake of so many other societies.  Stick to what exceptional values that made America pre-eminent in the world after only two centuries.  A country based on freedom & self-initiated success.  Cast your ballot with pragmatism & honesty for the flawed candidate, Trump.  At least, he promotes the rule of law & national pride.  We’re a nation of citizens.  Not a nation of immigrants.  We’re born equal & make our way into the world.  We shouldn’t have our hands outstretched towards The Man.  Be wise.  It’s important this time.

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