America is returning – now it’s time for WE THE PEOPLE

As Leftists, Liberals, Socialists, Communists & so-called Progressives here & abroad remain speechless in shock over President Elect Donald Trump’s stunning win & the US Republican Party’s seizing of the White House & the retention of full power in Congress; it is now time for those that revere the values & foundation of America, We The People, to lift America back up after a disastrous decline here & abroad.  America will indeed return to preeminence in the world, to keep order & maintain the rational progress of history.

marcwinger-com_1020160116We The People, are Americans.  We The People, are not addicted to experimentation; to throwing out what isn’t broken.  We The People do not have an agenda of ethnic cleansing, to replace the population with foreigners.

We The People now rule.  Finally & permanently, after our champion discovered how to win against the evil of modern-day Liberalism.

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