There’s time to finish what was started

marcwinger-com_1114160130 I never did finish watching Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America.  What I did view was totally spot on & completely depressing so I stopped it a couple of weeks before the fateful election.  I will finish it now & won’t turn my head away from the vision of the nightmare that has been averted.  Never once did I doubt that America would be able to shake off the filth.

People who don’t understand or who won’t admit to the damage that US Democrats do, will think we’re [Conservatives, Republicans & Libertarians] crazy about despising Hillary & her ilk, oh so much. 

Obviously, they’re people that ignore basic facts on just about everything.  Anyway, the Liberals around the world can be happy now that America will continue to support their vapid Social Democracies.  Somebody must support them, right?  Unless President Trump gives them a comprehensive bill for NATO & pushes for an increase in their payments for the upkeep of the Globalist bastards at the United Nations; they’ll go on as usual.  Smug, in fantasies they create because of their chronic inferiority complex.

We’ll see what happens.  Wonderful things are happening even as we speak.  Never mind the self-important protesters who think their numbers are awesome.  It almost hurts to laugh over it.  Almost.

I do recommend D’Souza’s documentary though.  He’s a genius & he’s gone through hell with political targeting from the Democrats.  Anyone that thinks Leftists are good & true…  You’re wrong & we have the experience to prove it.  Well, I guess Twentieth Century history also has its object lessons in Marxism & its violence.  Pick up a book sometimes & read about it.  If you have done so already & you ignore the Left’s crimes, then you have no shame & no moral standing.  Oops!  There I go again.  How many more nails do I have to pound before that coffin lid is sealed?

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