Perfect choice Rep Mike Pompeo to be nominated to head CIA

Per Kyle Cheney via Politico,

…President-elect Donald Trump’s surprise decision Friday to nominate Rep. Mike Pompeo to run the CIA would place a hawk who has butted heads with Muslim-American groups and wants to roll back reforms of domestic surveillance programs atop one of the nation’s leading spy agencies.
The choice of the 58-year-old Kansas Republican, a rising star on the Intelligence Committee who was just reelected to his fourth term, alarmed privacy advocates, who are already gearing up to fight his nomination. The American Civil Liberties Union swiftly blasted Pompeo for beliefs it said raise “serious civil liberties concerns about privacy and due process.”
But the announcement was cheered by his colleagues in both parties, intelligence professionals and former CIA and National Security Agency chief Michael Hayden, who has been highly critical of Trump’s lack of knowledge on national security matters.
“Frankly … when I saw the choice I was heartened,” Hayden said Friday at an event sponsored by the Foundation for Defense of Democracies…

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