Liberals & the rest of the Leftists are always going to projectile vomit accusations of racism

marcwinger-com_1113161000Expect daily labeling & pointing fingers at anyone on the Right with shouts of racist & more.  Because anything concerning a White majority, has to be racist.  Correct?  Because only people who are White are not allowed to be in charge, wield power & rule.

Progressives (Communists) & the rest of the filth on America’s tawdry Left is, frankly, addicted to issues of race.  They take their standard from the core Democrats who’ve always championed racism.  The history of the Democratic Party is quite clear on this, though they love their attempts to say truths & facts out of existence & it’s not just the grievance industry.  It’s the total electorate on the Left.  Those who sharp, know better but further the general agenda of race politics & those that follow blindly, get their talking points from liberal media – are just as guilty.

Yet, ask any of these people if it’s okay for Black majorities in Africa to rule & they’ll say, of course it’s alright.  Logic & rationale have no place on the Left.  It’s all an experiment, nothing permanent.

Here’s a fact that Lefties love to ignore.  Just because one addresses an issue that involves race, doesn’t mean that one is racist.  Illegal Immigrants, refugees from non-Western cultures whose values don’t align with our values is an example.  But hey, it’s okay.  The world is finally, actually changing & changing not towards a one world government or any other Leftist dream on domination. 

Also, these loud & horrible Lefties are identifying themselves wonderfully.  We know who they are & where they are now.

No one cares are the protests on the Left, no one cares about their false narratives.  It’s just something they do to occupy themselves.  Children & childish adults, bitter about the Left’s downfall.  Their final hurrah.

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