Liberals worry themselves that about President Elect Donald Trump’s finances before he assumes the presidency

marcwinger-com_1203161905It’s not necessary for Trump to sell anything.  What’s this nonsense.  He probably should put things into a Trust run by his family or some other financial solution, but that’s for him to decide, not Liberals & their twisted sense of ethics as established by their support of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US presidential campaign.  A woman whose documented unethical behavior stretches back to the 1970’s.

President-elect Donald Trump’s unwillingness to give up his far-flung real estate empire by selling it off or giving it outright to his children may be driven by a factor he has yet to mention publicly: a potentially staggering tax bill triggered by such a transaction.
“It could be billions,” said David Herzig, a tax law professor at Valparaiso University. “People are saying, ‘Oh well, don’t worry,’ but you could be looking at the potential of billions of dollars in tax liability.”

As long as Trump isn’t making decisions that would be unethical or in conflict with the law, there really isn’t a problem.  Hillary Clinton’s supporters didn’t seem to think it was important to call her to account for the crimes that she commited, a la The Clinton Foundation & Pay For Play.

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