China steals tech, attempts to take over sea lanes in South China Sea, manipulates currency, hacks US companies, steals nuclear & stealth tech

marcwinger-com_1113161000The list is almost endless!  Yet US Liberals, anarchists & other assorted idiots want to slam Trump for putting his foot down & speaking with Taiwan, The Republic of China’s president?  It’s laughable.  China is a 3rd rate power & nuclear capability does not make it anything other than it is – a developing country

Pick up a book, people.  The Red Chinese never ruled Taiwan.  Who cares if the Taiwanese are ethnically Han, another one of their tribes; or whatever.  They’re a separate country.  The need to placate the Communist Chinese, so that they can pull themselves out of the Middle Ages is over.  They’re stable, sort of, & the danger of a large country locked in before an industrial revolution has already been stabilized.  President Nixon’s goal was completed long ago.

Since Obama bowed to everyone & their dog, it’s time for a US President to use American Power & reassert dominance on the world stage.

This non-English, melodramatic rhetoric that keeps oozing out of Red China is a joke.  Over use of adjectives, arrogant content & attempts to alter reality with words.  In the same way that our enemies in the Middle East, the “authorities” in Iran & the Arabs elsewhere in the region, love to express their petty issues, bluff their way through situations where they are less than nothing & the US is a giant in a world of insects.  We hear it almost every single day.  Most ignore it as the content vacant garbage that it truly is.

The US policy in dealing with these people is a bust.  The Chinese are unable, or unwilling to reign in their client state North Korea & Chinese dishonorable conduct in dealing with countries around the planet – is dismal at best.  Now we have an arrogant power in Asia that wants to pretend to be great, when it’s just a young country, with a long history & which doesn’t understand the West.  Thinking that it deserves to thieve & confiscate as it pleases.  That it deserves to pollute the atmosphere because everyone else had an industrial revolution & now it’s supposedly their turn to shine.

There is no danger to the planet in confronting the moguls & scared commissars in Red China.  It’s time to delineate to them, who truly sets world order & next time there is a juvenile threat of one of their rusty military boats trying to ram a US destroyer – the best thing to do would be to sink the offender to the bottom of the sea.

It’s not a stance of a warmonger, it’s the profile of a US that needs to reestablish fear in our enemies.

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