Just a little notation as I exult in the pain & confusion of Democrats & the rest of the zoo on the Left

marcwinger-com_1114160130Many on the Right believe that the Liberals are all, uniformly in panic about what Trump & his cabinet picks are plotting.  Democrats, Progressives, Socialists & Anarchists all screaming & crying in their different & pathetic ways about fictional things they think or pretend are going to happen now that the Democratic Party has been vanquished from the US & world stage, for the foreseeable future.

I’ve been taking the Libs’ temperature & think it’s only a few that actually get to the fear level, that they’re in danger of what happened to the Right after the 2008 election of America’s biggest mistake; specifically, having agendas shoved down their throats.  These would be the sharper ones, though not clever enough to see that radical isn’t going to be imposed on them but; rather, a Restoration is to sweep the land.  Also… payback, in the form of ripping up Obama’s precious obamacare & executive actions.  The new EPA pick being an example something that sent shudders through them Wednesday.  Literally.

In response to their wide eyed, hysterical lies, I have literally pasted template responses of either, “Elections have consequences”, “I’m bathing in your tears” or “It hasn’t even begun yet”.  Many, many times.  It has thrilled me to no end & is something I’ve waited to do, until just the right time presented itself.  Because they are just coming out of election shock & will be able to feel pain again.  They will suffer & their suffering will feel eternal.

I can’ t tell you how good this feels.  Zombies on a conveyor belt, ice pick in my hand – good.

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