No regret but a momentary pause when losing a liberal friend

marcwinger-com_1113161000I just lost my last liberal friend.  It’s no loss, when weighed against the damage the liberal was doing in her support of America’s internal enemy.  Namely, the Democrats.

My loss validates reality & meme that liberals everywhere lie & are the same kind of creature.  I can get along with liars & have done so all my life.  However; I can’t abide people who attack my country by extension through their lies & support of America’s internal enemies.  Who are the most dangerous.  It’s not just about being a US patriot.  Politics affects our lives personally.  Affects money coming in to provide for me & mine.  Alters or maintains the environment in which we live. 

Objectively; for example, why would anyone would support the corrupt, un-indicted felon Hillary over Donald Trump’s conservatism agenda?  Why would anyone would continue to post lies about Trump, if they weren’t attacking or intent on damaging my country.  Liberals & rabid, activist NotMyPresident radicals are currently putting out what really does constitute Fake News.  Which is indeed an attack on the US. 

My Ex-Friend had posted an article that said the US Energy Department told Trump to stuff it (I paraphrase).  That’s just not true & I delineated the facts tersely to her, including the phrase climate hoax.  Which was enough for her, apparently, to end our friendship.  In reality, the Energy Deparment is just being resistant & did say that the request for a list of people that attended a ridiculous climate change conference, evidently it was over a hundred plus people, “deeply unsettled” its employees.  I’m sure it did!  Liberals completely collapse into a puddle when hard reality hits them on the head.  Liberals worldwide are now in panic that their agendas built on US backing are now to be orphaned.

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