Obama the defeated; Obama the treacherous failure

marcwinger-com_1115160300Obama’s Friday press conference was boring as he tried to defend his actions as president & linger on single questions for hours.  He failed to give valid talking points to the Leftists who continue their efforts to undermine the will of We The People.

I’ve round that the best way for Conservatives to respond to Liberals now is to repeat over & over, we are not a democracy, we are a constitutional republic & here a federal president is elected by the states & not the popular vote.  Because we’re a Union of States to stop tyranny by any one or more states with larger populations.

Obama was droning on & on during his presser a bit ago, sounding defeated & stupid but he did manage take a swipe at the Electoral College & by extension the Union of States.  This from a person who is sworn to defend the US Constitution & who is himself a specialist in Constitutional law.  So, just one more reason to get his behind out of the White House & into history where he belongs.  Where scrutiny of his foreign policy, his actions & the staying power of his legacy will not survive as hope & change.

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