Like I’ve always said Lefties always think everything good comes from their ideology of non-individualism & entitlement

Yet another example of Liberals trying convince everyone that only the Left has the answers, Michelle Obama telling the Oprah that there’s no sense of hope after this [past] election.

It’s enough to make someone with a steel-lined gut want to gag with the utter gall it takes to say something so moronic.  You know, the most clever strategists & ideologues on the Left actually know that they’re lying.  At least, subconsciously.  Their dupes?  No.  They actually believe the talking points & propaganda.  Because; to them, it has to always be about the availability of free stuff & the supposed delights of a free-for-all, do as you please without consequence world where one can decide to be a woman one day.  A man the next day.  Or even a humanoid without genitals the day after that.  All with a nice set of new adjectives & pronouns to give it all a sense of permanence.

These examples being just one of so many in the twisted universe of the Democratic Party & the rest of the Socialist & Anarchic Left wing of American politics.  Because; to them, there isn’t anything more important to focus on & to oppose their naval gazing means that you’re full of hate & they even have a full lexicon of names to call you when you push back against their stupidity.  And it is indeed – stupidity.  It’s not important, just because they insist it is of value.  It only has meaning as filler in their agenda of creating a society dependent upon government.  Give minorities whatever their hearts desire, at any given time.  Talk it up to the rest of the Left who are waiting for new & inviting examples of fairness.  Distract them all from the reality that wolves are at the door or everything is just fine

It is not just the disgraceful first lady, who does not represent class & graciousness, making a last swipe at the Right because her husband’s nanny-state legacy has been essentially rejected.  It’s the whole lot of these people who actually have been successful creating an electorate that supports them.  That believes in their plantation politics & votes for them because a government has seemingly accepted them as being just as important as the majority of Americans.  Which the Left has left behind.

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