Hey people on the Left; don’t lump Carrie Fisher’s death into politics

Rest in peace, Princess.

marcwinger-com_1114161050As for the Left; how low can you get?  Carrie Fisher died today in Los Angeles & when I check blogs & Twitter, I see a plethora of posts saying something like, “Stop it, 2016.  No more.  First Trump then…”  Something like that, as if everything is about politics & just because Fisher died it needs to be connected to the massive political loss on the Left.  Namely, the rightful election of Donald Trump to the US presidency.  Who’s main goal is to reverse policies that go against the founding & Constitution. 

His election is a good thing.  Her death is a bad thing.  Simple as that.  Tragic in its timing during the Christmas season & her age only being 60.

I’ll miss Fisher being on the planet.  Her life could have been longer & fuller.  She was constantly on the go.  Not sitting in an ivory tower, resting on her laurels.  Definitely a Science Fiction icon.  No matter her personal politics, this one was an American treasure because of her flaws.

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