USExit: It’s time to dissolve the United Nations

The UN is nothing more than a club for the so-called diplomatic corp.  Filled with self-important, endless discussion-addicted fops from around the world who accomplish nothing but successful attacks against the US & our interests home & abroad.  There are few things more ridiculous than international lawyers & other various self-appointed elites, who fancy themselves citizens of the world.

Anything good that is done, can be done by other organizations.  Refugee camps, crisis handling & other controversial actions can & will be done by something other than a body that thinks it’s the precursor to world government.  A domination that will never happen, but which is periodically damaging to America in its various agendas.

Gone are the days when having the UN on American soil was a mark of prestige.

Raheem Kassam via Breitbart reports,

…In brief, the actions of the U.S. government over the past week proves President Obama, the U.S. administration, and the wider left-establishment cabal have learned nothing from 2016. They still believe that they — not “We The People” — control the political priorities of the nation.

And they fail to realise how putting a spotlight on an already morally questionable institution like the United Nations — replete with its Human Rights Council with the likes of Saudi Arabia chairing it — brings the UN itself, not Israel’s settlement-building policies, into question.

So expect a resurgence of the American Sovereignty Act and an invigorated USexit movement in the next few months. …

So, let us defund this reprehensible, useless organization.  Rip down or re-purpose the building & carry on in a world that will be better off without this filthy vanguard of globalists.

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