Libs & Leftists still think they have ammunition against Trump over the hack into the DNC

marcwinger-com_1113161000I’ve had several confrontations about this on Twitter.  It’s a no win argument because Liberals want to only see one component of the whole thing, namely the hack into the DNC which they don’t understand completely & they refuse to believe that someone, the Russians maybe, tried to also get into the RNC, but could not.  Then there is the denial of any importance about what the emails revealed.  None of which was a hack into our national system, the election or anything else.  Maybe they meddled, maybe they didn’t.

Obongo & company think it’s the Russians, because the CIA is saying that it appears like other supposedly verified Russian hacks.   It doesn’t matter & it is their own their personal fight.  During these last desperate days of Barack Hussein Obama’s residence in the White House.  Russia is neither friend or foe & Trump has implied as much in the past couple weeks while he publicly hopes that we don’t have to go down an alternative path.

It’s the Leftie civilians that don’ t want to see the whole picture & who are ranting that it’s either an impeachable offense, whatever that means, or a reason why Trump’s White House win is somehow not legit.

Whether police issues, gay-discrimination-bakery-cakes or – Russia.  It’s not a good idea to put one’s eggs in one basket.  The overall?  It is important to support law & order, support reasonable & existing anti-discrimination laws & realize that Russia is always going to be an unknown factor (which has one only laughable naval carrier group).

Otherwise; during this confusion of Liberals, I do notice that Neocon imbeciles McCain & Graham want to bring the Cold War back into full gear, just for Russia’ s supposed meddling.  Just sayin’.

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