I hear that Obama staffers are having a difficult time looking for jobs

 marcwinger-com_1115160300I bet they all migrate to California, thinking there will be a placement in the Liberal hierarchy for them.  But anything outside the Northeast doesn’t exist for them except for California & that would only be on paper.

I’m not sure why they’re still in shock.  I can predict movements of groups, developing mindsets & activities & general outcomes all of which are within the purview of human nature.  But, the mind of sociopaths & other amoral creatures of Obama’s government are a mystery & foreign.  Their actions only take place within a narcissistic context, but the engine behind that is pure fantasy.

Book publishers will now be swamped, I’m sure, & there’s going to be a lot of search results of self-published pieces on Amazon & B&N.  I don’t see them making too much moolah, anywhere down the line.  If in 16 to 20 years there’s a Congress or individual US State positions available, they’ll have previously been considered used & damaged goods.  Poor staffers & pond scum.  I bathe in their tears.  I use their confusion as ointment against lesser insects & I gift their desperation – re-purposed as perfume to my enemies.  Where do old snakes go to die.

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